Day — 01

“An exploration of applying design thinking to my life, to understand myself better and achieve my goal”.

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I thought that yes, I could do this. Huh! it's all about just managing time and then voila I can do this. What seemed like a breeze and a cheesecake moment was actually the hardest that I am realising it now.

For reader wondering what I am talking about, this is the day 01 of applying design thinking to my life, journal log.

The first part of design thinking: — Empathising with user

Let’s begin to understand, a little about myself:

  • Age: 30
  • Work: UX Lead Designer
  • Happily living with his beautiful girlfriend near the beach <yes! :)>
  • Personality: Lazy, Procrastinator, no time table, food junkie, avid couch potato, everyday pyjama party, chain smoker, heavy drinker, not very ambitious, selective talker, low self-esteem.
  • Needs: work on things that matter and makes changes, with my work; take care of my family and self; a good physically fit body; to be at pace with things happening and trends; develop my own skill for my better tomorrow; travel the world before I die; able to do things on time.
  • Wants: able to afford Ford Mustang 1969 one day; have six packs abs; have an online channel of my own and rest I am dreaming right now.

So, this is a character sketch for myself. As a Design Researcher, as I put myself under my design lens. I am thinking to not have any bias and not think up of solution at the beginning itself. As I onset on this journey, let’s build my character sketch better tomorrow and lets try to understand our user a lot better scaling the superficial self to the true self. Tomorrow, I plan to see a layer below myself and create again my character sketch.





Looking for answer to myself, life, death and everything in between.

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Looking for answer to myself, life, death and everything in between.

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